Legal Online Poker is closer than ever to becoming reality for residence in Iowa. The Iowa State Government Senate Committee passed the measure allowing the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission to assemble a plan for the State Senate.

Some are saying that the Online Poker measure has a 50/50 shot to pass through the State Senate. At this time, I’m not sure how the Iowa House of Representatives would vote on Legalizing Online Poker which does not seem partisan.

The question is, “Should Iowa allow Legal Online Poker for of age residence?” My response to that would be, yes, it should! We already have legalized gaming in the state so there's no reason we can’t play Online Poker when the state clearly is able regulate the activity.

Currently, people all over the country play Online Poker through off shore accounts that are difficult to check and does not give to the tax base inside the state. In fact, it sucks money outside of the country. Why not keep this money here?  I can’t understand why the Federal Government hasn’t already made Online Gaming legal and created a way to tax the revenues to help reduce the Federal Deficit.

Sure, there’s the addiction argument, but people who suffer from addiction are going to find anything to feed their needs. I doubt that Online Poker will cause them to suffer any more than they already do and quite frankly, I don’t believe that gambling is the real problem that needs treated.

As I see it, Online Poker is a win for Iowa. Citizens are able to legally play a game they enjoy in the comfort of their home, the state is able to increase revenues and people who are breaking the law to play their game of choice  without worry.

What’s so wrong with that?