Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO is what you do to optimize your website or blog to better appear in listings that a target audience is searching allowing your site to have increased traffic.

Many people claim to have Search Engine Optimization mastered, but once you ask more questions, you discover that less is known that what was originally thought. This can lead to expensive learning lessons and a significant amount of time wasted trying to figure out if a strategy works.

Common Sense would be to go with the guys who wrote the text-book on Search Engine Strategy and finally that’s what I’ve done by signing up with SEOMOZ.

When I first logged in, I immediately noticed that the site is deep with tools and information that is obviously based on years of experience. My first inclination is to jump in, but what I really needed to do was start from the beginning as if I didn’t know anything at all and then work my way through the system.

I think that folks at SEOMOZ have a great grasp on the need to let customers dig in before they start charging for services. That’s why they give the first 30 days free. By the end of the trial the value becomes very clear and you’re likely to continue on with the membership.

I don’t think anyone really understands:

  1. How deep Search Engine Optimization Reaches
  2. Making SEO a part of your online routine
  3. How proper SEO makes your blog or website easier to read.
  4. How little changes to your posts will make your site suddenly rank as if it happened overnight.

My Search Engine Optimization strategy focuses on Google, however I’m finding that I also get steady traffic from both Bing and Yahoo now that I’ve made improvements to how I build my sites.

I welcome you to sign up for a free trial with SEOMOZ and share your experiences on this blog.