I've woke up and come to the realization that the only way I'm going to go to the top is by learning how to schedule myself, and integrate a project manager such as OmniFocus into my life.

Getting started is not the biggest challenge for me, it's making it a religion allowing me to accomplish incredible feats each and every day.

I started integrating this strategy into my daily routine this week, and at the end of the day, end up sleeping soundly, and feeling great knowing that I'm on my way to knowing where I am at completely.

The goal is to make every day operate as it has the last few days, and that's not difficult after dumping all my agendas and projects into the inbox in OmniFocus(for Mac).

What's even more exciting is taking all the items out of the inbox and turning them to actions if they are doable, and projects if they require multiple actions.

You start to paint the picture and bring everything full circle when finally determining how much time each project, task, or activity will take.

Ultimately, I'm taking the actions and implementing them into my calendar, and knocking them out with ease.

Not all goes as planned, and some go faster than expected, like doing my brakes on my vehicle this week. I installed the rotors and pads myself, and had proper tools been with me; the task would have taken less than forty-five minutes. The miss happened when I didn't break down each actionable item, If that had happened, the proper tools would have been readily available.

My Air Conditioner in my car is another story. I scheduled the time to take care of it myself, but the repair is beyond my ability, and financial resources at the moment, so I'll have to wait until I buy a new primary vehicle, or make a plan to get a capable mechanic for proper repair.

I've followed programs in the past, with great success, such as when launching one of my biggest ventures, but I made the mistake of trading my system off for letting other people schedule and control my direction. I don't think that will happen again.

Some people are afraid of letting a schedule determine your actions for both your personal and professional life. They don't want to plan activities with the family because it cramps their creative freedom, but I'll attest, scheduling 100% of your time gives you more time to focus on your family.

It feels wonderful to knock off so many things that are hanging over me, and I'm looking forward to optimization of efficiency, like placing two blog posts a day, on my blog. Something I should have been doing since registering the domain in June 2000. That's fixed going forward, and if for some reason, I do not post twice a day, call me it out on it!

How are you optimizing your life?