Just do it, keep changing and never stay the same, if you do, the only thing staying the same will be you…

When life is good, we have a natural tendency to do more of the same as if nothing will ever change. We sometimes think we are invincible and our confidence level grows well beyond where it should be.

When life is bad, we struggle to get back to good. That's not a great strategy because while we may have had a great moment in time, we have to move forward. We won't relive it, but instead we need to embrace what the future has to offer.

Our country struggles to stay the same, fighting to bring our jobs back from overseas when we shouldn't be focused on getting back the old jobs, instead we should be focused on creating new jobs and new opportunities.

When we get laid off, we should be looking forward and using the time with a severance package to recreate our self-image. This is our opportunity to not only regain what we had, but to have better than ever. We can do what we have always dreamed about doing. It's not a time to play it safe, but to take that calculated risk and move forward.

If you are out of work, don't let the press and our Government dictate your future. Take control of your situation. How can you make your life better? What do you need to do to become the right person instead of looking for the right person to help you? It is far better to be self-reliant than it is to be dependent on others for your future happiness.

If you believe in yourself, you have taken the first step forward to changing your life. Do something really outlandish and make a statement that your committed to success. Keep doing it until it becomes reality.

Become the right person in your life and watch your world change.