Recently, I entered into a joint venture with Rob Merlino, a.k.a. The HotDogMan and now have a blog that is exploding. Rob is a great writer who compliments my ability to build and develop start-up blogs. More importantly, we are working together as a team and driving each other to work harder. The results are showing it, both in the revenue generated from our new joint venture and in the feedback that we are receiving from readers.

Our first project is doing so well that we are now talking about doing more sites covering other subjects. We have unleashed a formula that is working for both of us even though I'm in the Midwest and Rob is on the East Coast.

Joint ventures create opportunities for people who don't necessarily have the funding but have the talents to build a business. Blogging is a minimal financial investment business, but necessitates sweat-equity. We love blogging because success depends on our efforts without needing support from investors. This way we control the message being delivered uninfluenced.

We have a plan to use outsourcing on as soon as we can but not before the business is able to self-fund it. Gone are the days of having investors and board meetings with people who don't work inside the business, here comes the days of a profit generating business. Best of all, this business is scalable across many marketplaces.

Online marketing is the future and we have to embrace it. I have and it's paying off in ways that I never could have dreamed possible. It's given me the opportunity to cut the amount of people I have to answer to which makes my day much more peaceful than ever before. I wouldn't trade this career for anything in the world.

Yes, I know I haven't been writing in this blog but that's changing and I'll make sure I get back to writing daily.

Thank you for reading and I wish you well.