Lil is Jared Polin's 100 year old Grandmother and is a youtube celebrity in many of Jared's videos. Jared is a photographer with this absolutely huge Fro (biggest hair I have ever seen on anybody).


Lil, Jared Polin's 100 year old Grandmother, has become an online rock star thanks to Jared's video series asking about her life and appearing on, Jared's website about photography.

Jared did a session at Blog World in New York City where he discussed Lil and other topics, giving history as to how he came up with his idea and how his website went from zero to one million visitors in ten months.

He lost his mother early on and decided that he wanted to record sessions with his grandmother to keep memories from her. Once he started the sessions he realized that they were entertaining and other people enjoyed the sessions just as he does. He made a series out of them and has monetized them through Adsense and YouTube.

Jared makes for an extremely interesting personality, and has a unique talent of being able to explain how to use some pretty complicated photo equipment.  He's made a subject most people consider boring, extremely fun.

He also has learned how to be in exciting places without having to pay to be there. He's often paid to do what he loves to do.

Jared has found ways to create attention that most people don't think about, or would dare to do. He's shown a way to stand out in the crowd, where others would be afraid to go. You won't forget him. His personality is nothing like his appearance.

He's extremely outgoing, friendly and most importantly, engaging. He's going to get you to take action and be a part of what's going on. That's an incredible talent to leverage.

After listening to his session, I decided I needed to get a photo with him. I think this guy is just getting started and he's got tremendous potential to go to big places.

Check out Lil, and Jared's Fro. If you need help learning how to take better pictures, Jared is the guy to do it!