My internal linking SEO strategy really isn’t my strategy is pretty simple, yet very affective. In every article I write for my site, I’m forced to think about what I need to make each page relevant with a tool called Scribe SEO.

This tool is a plugin that works perfectly in my WordPress theme, but is available for other formats as well. It lets you write your article and then analysis it right before you’re ready to post.

Scribe SEO suggests how to make your titles better, your content better and descriptions better. You’re warned if you overuse any one word too much and checks to see if you have placed enough strategic links in your articles at the places you need them, without going overboard.

Since installing the product, I have spent more time working on both internal links and external links, a strategy that not only creates more relevance in your site, but keeps your readers attention longer.

I spend absolutely no money on paid search, all my traffic is organic and it’s paying off. Each week I continue to develop a stronger presence in the search engines. I have less risk of being removed as my content is quality relevant content to the keywords that I’m targeting.

I also believe that the template theme Studio Press Genesis has considerable responsibility for my Search Engine Optimization strategy as well. It makes building my blog extremely easy and I think very attractive as well.

I used to write an article with the intention of coming back and looking for links. Now, I use the Scribe SEO tool, which allows me to easily search my existing articles using a keyword to target the articles internally and I continue to build value on my site.

I strongly recommend using a plugin such as Scribe SEO, which is brought to you by CopyBlogger.