You need a blog even if your customers don’t read it. They probably won’t but they will look to see when the last time it was updated.

Prospective first time customers will usually read a post or two when investigating your website for the first time and then pass on future reading. That’s OK, most businesses only need that first visit to convince the customer to take the next step towards developing a new business relationship.

Think of a blog as a way to go to the Chamber Monthly Exchange to connect with prospective customers. The chamber event might have a couple of hundred people with a few potential targets.  The difference is the blog is a Chamber Exchange that never quits. It keeps working for you around the clock and in places you would have never dreamed of.

Did you know that the “about me” page is the number one read page on all websites combined? The reason is customers want to establish a relationship with who they do business with.

A blog is huge “about me” page. It works even harder when you take care of your site and update regularly, ideally daily.

Potential customers will most likely browse your content the first time they come to your site, but chances are, they won’t keep reading. It doesn’t matter if you are able to convert them into your customer.

Small Business owners think that they don’t have content for their website, but they do. It’s all about them. A post doesn’t have to be specifically about your business, it needs to be about establishing a relationship with your customer.

They want to do business with people that they like. Your blog is geared to helping your customers like you. It should not be all about you; it should be about what your customer wants to know about you and your business. Essentially it’s about them.

We’ve learned that a blog matters. It’s our huge “about me” page where our potential customers can learn all about us. It shows that we are doing business today. A blog doesn’t need to be read by our customers to be valuable to them past looking to see when the last time it was updated. That has everything we need to show our customers we are real.

There are always exceptions and reversals to the rule. Blogs like this one fall in that category. We need people to read our blogs regularly because that’s our business model. We teach online, that is our product and service.

So you see, it doesn’t necessarily matter if your customers don’t read your blog, it is important that they know it’s there and updated regularly.