Everyone gets that annoying customer that is always right. They have to prove to you how wrong you are. They will bend over backwards to help you be wrong so that they can demand you fix their situation.

You spend a tremendous amount of time trying to make them happy at the expense of your really good customers.  What do you think you should do?

This is when it’s time to wish them well and let them know that you want to make them happy. Let them know that you’re releasing them from their agreement with you.

Tell them that you want them to work with someone that is capable of doing exactly what they want, and you appreciate them giving you a chance to be that person.

In almost every case, the customer will reluctantly leave, but only for a short time. It won’t be long and they will come back with their tail between their legs. They know that they had a good thing, and they are now walking on thin ice.

Be nice to them, like nothing ever happened. Take them back and give them great service. They won’t complain, they will show their appreciation, but if you have any problems, discontinue the relationship for good.

Out of all the customers I’ve fired and taken back, I can’t remember a single one that was ever a problem again. They almost always became one of my best customers . Often, these people were under stress and tried to pass responsibility for things that you didn’t do. Going forward they never used me as the scape goat.

You may even find that your fired customer will tell others. That’s good for you because I’ve got new customers because I fired a customer that was a pain. The new customer wanted to work with me because I wouldn’t put up with the other customer. They felt that showed maturity and strength.

If you want the best to work with you, fire the rest!