Most people assume that you have to be a great writer to be a blogger, but most bloggers are not great writers. They are great bloggers because they have an exciting story, and people are willing to overlook writing skills.

Great Blogs Doesn't Always Have Great Writers

Some of the most profitable blogs with audiences ranging in a hundred thousand people or more contain poorly written content. They can convey their message despite their writing skills.

Great blogs are not about having perfect grammar and spelling, something I am sure the highly educated will not like hearing. The truth of great blogs is all in the realness of the person writing the blog. Do they relate to their audience?

Give me a choice between being a great writer or a great blogger, and I will take the latter every time. Great bloggers make more money than great writers.

Bloggers who are not great writers stand to benefit from using tools such as Grammarly, the tool I use to write my posts. I am not a great writer, but my content is better than most bloggers because of Grammarly.

I am a better writer because of the real-time editor featured in Grammarly. I see my errors live as I write content. The Program continually scores my material as I create it, making for better blog posts.

Will Grammarly make me a great writer? I know this much, my writing continues to improve when I write in Grammarly.

I write my content in Grammarly and then copy and paste it into WordPress. I manually highlight the copy and then paste into WordPress instead of using the Copy to Clipboard feature.

Grammarly's Copy to Clipboard feature does not retain the formatting when pasting your article into the WordPress editor. Highlighting the content, copying and then pasting into WordPress maintains the format for your new post.

So, I have better writing skills even though I have no formal college training teaching me how to be a great writer.

I hope you enjoyed and learned something from this post.