Watching Iowa play football is great motivation for entrepreneurs. Just like successful entrepreneurs, the Hawkeye football team is made up of hard hitting players build on endurance.

Iowa gives, but they don't break. They will give you five yards, but when you get to the red zone, you aren't going to rush for a touchdown.

The entrepreneur needs to bend but not break. When it gets to the red zone, the entrepreneur needs to stuff the rush. In the end, you are going to come out on top.

Iowa has been incredible at finding a way to take advantage of the errors that other teams make and turn them into a huge advantage.

Entrepreneurs have to be looking for those huge advantages created by others. If you do that, you are going to make tons of yards when you need it most.

When the interception gets thrown in the big house, you have to be able to punish your opponent with your talent. You'll get the upper hand.

As I am writing this, the game isn't over, but Iowa is up 28-7. It would be an easy assumption to put this one in the books, but we just finished the third quarter and still have a game to play.

Unlike football, the game isn't over in the life of an entrepreneur until you sell out, or close the doors and like football, a win might be getting the last play off before the buzzer on the one yard line.

Go Hawks!