The Ionic Ear is a product created by Darren Johnson, who appeared on Shark Tank Season 1, Episode 1 on August 9, 2009. Darren's episode is the Shark Tank pilot show.

Ionic Ear is a device that would require surgery to implant a Bluetooth device near your ear. The Ionic Ear would eliminate the need for earphones to talk on the phone. You would need an operation to have the device installed, and it would require plugging into an outlet on the side of your head allowing for device recharging!

Admittedly, headsets and Bluetooth devices are often clumsy, but they are getting better. Having wires are even worse. Bluetooth devices such as Apple Airpods seem to work much better today.

People who are deaf or have hearing loss are now having devices implanted like the cochlear implant. the device has a wire and a unit that sits outside of your head which is quite visible. Many people with hearing problems have this device.

Ionic Ear Ask

Darren Johnson asked for $1,000,000 in exchange for a 15% equity position in his company. The Sharks didn't bite on this deal, and we never heard from Darren Johnson again. Maybe he changed his name after appearing on the show?

Johnson was apparently nervous doing a pitch on television and in front of the Sharks. He stumbled with the presentation.

Sharks in this episode:

Barbara Corcoran
Kevin Harrington
Robert Herjavec
Daymond John
Kevin O'Leary

Daymond Johnson goes out stating “I don't feel comfortable with such device.” Barbara Corcoran thought Darren is entirely crazy and she is the first to go out.

Robert Herjavec is inquisitive, wanting to know about maintenance updates. Johnson responded saying updates require additional surgery! Johnson candidly said breast implants seemed crazy at one time, but the Sharks chimed in and said that is entirely different. Daymond John even said, “I love it”

Would you be willing to have surgery to install a device like the Ionic Ear?

I am surprised that producers chose Darren Johnson as one of the entrepreneurs for the pilot episode. Darren Johnson's Ionic Ear is way out there and did not lend to the credibility of the show. Still, fans love the show, and it is going strong today!

Again, we have no idea what happened to Darren Johnson after the show. I am sure he took a lot of heat from people who know him after making his pitch. The company is defunct. No further information is finable on Darren Johnson.