Many bloggers are inviting guest bloggers to post in their personal blogs. Most of them are extremely popular blogs by people who make more money online than I do, however, like many of them, my blog is not done for the money.

Still, Guest Bloggers often turn me away from personal blogs that aren't done by the owner of the blog. It just doesn't resonate well with me. There are exceptions where a guest blogger speaks well to the subject at hand, but I wouldn't make it an ongoing relationship.

Personal Blogs aren't about the guest blogger, they are about you and if you aren't writing it, your blog is no longer a personal blog.

I just don't think that content from guest bloggers is anywhere as good as content done by the owner of the blog. Of course, content by someone elseĀ better than not putting any content in for periods like the one that I just went through.

I'm not saying that I won't change my mind, I may even get comfortable with the idea, understanding that I stand to lose a portion of my audience who feels like I do now.

If you are considering a guest blogger, I recommend checking out their content before allowing them to post in your blog. It doesn't take much to have better grammar than I have, but it does need more than just basic information to speak to my audience. We want something more than average information.

What about you? Would you allow guest bloggers on your personal blog?