Sterling and Jay were two guys that were tired of grinding it out in their 9 to 5 jobs and wanted to find a different strategy that would break them out and get them the lifestyle that they wanted. Their answer was to learn everything they could about creating new online businesses teaching other people how to market their products and services to the rest of the world. What they came up with is a company called Internet Business Mastery.

I found Sterling and Jay when I was browsing the iTunes directory. They have a podcast that is updated a couple of times a month and offers advice on how you can escape the 9 to 5 with your own Internet Business.

Internet Business Mastery helps you right from the start, from determining what type of business you should be in to how you should market that business and get customers, to when to outsource work that is not necessary for you to do.

Internet Business Mastery also has a forum section where members work with other members forming a Mastermind community building up on the ideas and helping others to get over mountains encountered as they build their business.

Internet Business Mastery provides several different ways to learn either through online audio/video tutorials or written material. After all, many people are into the audio video format of learning, while some of us like to learn through reading the material.

I find myself learning with some audio/video and some written material on the same topics. I first listen and then go back through the written material so I can capture specific points that are important to me.

I have personally had membership in Internet Business Mastery and am confident that it will help you to build a business online if you choose to use their system. Check it out today and let me know if you decide to go that route.