I've been to the Indy 500 numerous times. I've been to even more IndyCar races across the country and even experienced preseason testing with full access. Nothing compares to the ultimate Memorial Day weekend experience of Indianapolis for the 500.

You don't have to like racing to have a fantastic time experiencing the best time of the year to be in Indianapolis, Indiana. You will see an amazing spectacle and perfected hospitality in a beautiful city.

Entertainment for the whole family is in store from the time you arrive in Indianapolis. The parade on Saturday morning is massive and enjoyable. Fans line the streets and even have the opportunity to purchase front row seats for the parade route.

The restaurants are out of this world and are ready to serve you. They know how to handle the rush, and to give you excellent service. The museum at the track is the best race fans Museum, and you are even able to walk out on the speedway on race day morning to get an idea of how big the 2.5-mile track is.

Great seats exist all around the track, and I have my favorite area that lets me see more than half the racetrack. They aren't where you would think, and I'm not telling! They are hard enough to get without inviting more people into my favorite area.

Speeds of nearly 230mph at the Indy 500

Of course, sitting in the paddock area is cool as well, having the cars flying by the start/finish line. The challenge is keeping your eyes on the cars as they fly by at nearly 230mph.

Both Friday and Saturday night feature vendors, campers and spectators lined up on the outside the track facilities in Speedway, Indiana. You will see coolers with stereos attached along with subwoofers and disco lights on wagons. There are music, food and more activities in a carnival type atmosphere that is incredibly enjoyable.

Downtown Indy is happening with all the nightlife, exotic cars and horse-drawn carriages. It is a beautiful downtown. And you can take a walk along the canal area either during the day or night. It is spectacular.

My favorite is stopping out at Rick's Cafe Boatyard, a restaurant just up from the dam and right across from the private airport where the ultra wealthy are flying in for the race. Sailboats and other vessels line the Doc outside the restaurant making a beautiful setting for sitting outside on the deck. But, I go for the delicious Key Lime Pie. It is fresh and out of this world.

Race Day at the Indy 500

Race day is an experience like no other. You can pick up a packed lunchbox that you order at the same time you buy your tickets. You pick them up right outside your section, and you can eat in the stands during the race.

They even let you bring your coolers into the race track, and the pre-race show features a flyover by the finest military aircraft. They will even have the Stealth bomber flyover on occasion, which will leave you stunned at the size of the craft.

What I wouldn't give to be in Indianapolis for this year's race! Next year for sure, and I think I will take the kids to see something that they will remember for a lifetime. Can you tell I love automobiles and racing?