So I’m an entrepreneur. Even more challenged a serial entrepreneur. Few people understand me, most think I’m crazy and I often think I’m average even though the most difficult activity for me is to be simply casually social. Do you ever feel this way?

The guys that play golf and drink beer enjoy friendships of strong bonds, but I’m an outcast to that. I can’t quite figure out how to fit in, sometimes I want to, other times I accept that I’m quite different, that’s the cards I’ve been dealt. Do you ever feel this way?

Fortunately for me, I’m able to have some really great friendships, and occasionally some of the beer drinking guys will enjoy a conversation with me. Maybe I just need to lighten up a little, but, I just don’t know how. That’s part of the curse for many entrepreneurs, not all of us are this way. I definitely have the gene. Do you ever feel this way?

You’d think I’d be excited about this, sometimes I am. It’s usually a rare time that’s the case. Usually I’m frustrated trying to figure out how I can mold my life into that frame. It’s like being in a mid-life crisis that started at birth and might never end. Imagine that if you can.

To be one of the guys, it would be nice. Unfortunately, when invited in, I find that feeling extremely uncomfortable. It takes time to become used to it, most people never understand it. Remember, they have a difficult time figuring you out, the last thing they want to do is something that seems like work when relaxing.

I think that’s why entrepreneurs repeat themselves. We keep coming back, looking for the right combination to fulfill our lives. Some of us never get there; others make it all the way to the top.

Still, the ones that do, even the greatest entrepreneurs still struggle with all the issues I speak off, just look at Steve Jobs, you’ll see he took it even past his death.