Have you ever experienced the idiots in the next room? You know what I'm writing, it's the room with the connecting door, and they are so loud, you can't help but know they are a bunch of asses.

I'm assuming I was in Vegas, at Affiliate Summit, or a New Media Marketing Expo. The guys in the next room seemed like the only word they know “Dude”, and then they would pick up the phone, trying to sound professional, to close a deal with somebody brighter than these geniuses.

Unfortunately, one of them on a call, let “Dude” slip in the call, and immediately following the call, his buddy chastised while, you guessed it, saying, “Dude, (use your imagination and insert the phrase here)!

My best guess is the geniuses were up all night partying at some club on the strip, they came back, and got on the phone trying to make some money. And, as well as I could hear their conversation, I could not tell you what they were selling.

They calmed down, and the other “dude” takes control, making the call while distancing himself from his partner in crime. This guy apparently felt confident enough to correct the wrong doing of his friend.

I realized that the “dude” thing wasn't for the moment, and would continue throughout the day into the night and beyond. I called the front desk and demanded they transfer my room and make sure there is no adjoining door.

Freedom from the Idiots in the room next door

Thankfully, I could now enjoy the room, free from the dueling “dudes” conversation.

It was at that point I reflected on an event that happened in one of my first jobs, right out of school. I worked at a telemarketing firm that is quite good at what they do, but I wasn't good enough, and it was time for me to let go, as I wasn't performing well enough.

The floor manager called me in, asked me if I had anything to say, and I replied, sure, I still haven't had a tape of my presentations. I had not heard what I was saying, and the floor manager said I would have a tape by the end of the day.

The following week I went from nearly being fired to one of the top reps at the company.

The “dudes” needed to set up a video recorder allowing them to look and see how stupid they acted.

And, while I have plenty of criticism for these bright minds, I come back to thinking about all the things I do, that might poorly reflect on my presentation on a daily basis.

You never know when you're going to be with somebody influential, somebody that is essential to your future, and being stupid in a moment is often the thing costing you everything.

When's the last time you did something as dumb as them?