A niche market is a specialized part of a commercial market that is narrowly targeted.

This is often where the most successful entrepreneurs come into a new industry, absorb what is going on and then apply what they have learned in other fields to capitalize on what current industry insiders miss due to hitting a comfort zone with the success that they have already found in the industry.

Our goal is to identify a problem and then pursue that problem coming up with a solution that solves the problem quickly, efficiently and a price that justifies the solution. The more defined you can be, the greater the opportunity you have to answer the needs of your audience.

If you already operate a brick and mortar business or one that exists online, you now have the opportunity to expand your reach into other products and services that may prove to provide considerable profit with minimal expense.

If you are already selling your product offline to a special client base, you understand who your customer is and your next goal is to find them globally. If you are working online, you can take the specialty products that are being offered locally, and help the merchants to open their products and services up in a global market.

Other option include learning how to bundle information products with consumer goods allowing you to create a higher selling price on products otherwise having slim margins thus creating a greater profit margin.

You might also consider going strictly with producing an information marketing product such as how-to guides sold as stand-alone products which can easily be reproduced at minimal or no cost via electronic transfer.

When you are focused on niche markets, you have considerable opportunity to creating substantial income educating others how to do what you know how to do.