Beverly and Charlotte pitch Ice Chips, a Xylitol candy in Shark Tank Season 4. Their Candy is selling all over the world. With $342,000 in current years sales(projected one-million dollars by the end of the year), the Ice Chips partners hope to make a deal with the Shark Tank Investors.

Ice Chips has an onsite factory that employs their husbands and even kids. They want to take their Buy Ice Chips Candy Here - Shark Tankbusiness to the next level and are looking for a deal with the Sharks.

Ice Chips Candy contains Xylitol

The candy contains Xylitol as a natural sweetener that Dentists love, and Ice Chips tastes great. There are no chemicals in their candy. The only side effect is if you ate the whole tin you might get Diharea.

Ice Chips costs $1.11 a tine and wholesales for $3.12, and the average sales are $5. They are adding and increasing their accounts.

Company: Ice Chips
Entrepreneur: Beverly Vines-Haines and Charlotte Clary
Ask: $250k for 15% equity
From: Washington
Companies on this episode: Voyage Air Guitar, DriveSuits, Revestor, PC Classes Online
Season: Season 4 Episode 409
Sharks: Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Kevin O'Leary, Barbara Corcoran, Robert Herjavec
First Aired: 11/08/2012
Deal: Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran $125,000 for 40% equity.

What do the Shark Tank Investors say about Ice Chips

  • Mark Cuban is asked by Barbara Corcoran to join in on her offer of $125,000 for 40% equity in the company. Mark agrees to join Barbara Corcoran on the deal.
  • Daymond John sweetens the deal, offering $250,000 for 30% of the deal, offering to get someone else to manufacture Ice Chips for them.
  • Kevin O'Leary makes an offer to partner with Barbara Corcoran at 40%, but Barbara rejects the offer and instead focuses on Mark Cuban for the 40%. Kevin offers to join Daymond on his deal and go to 35%, but Daymond says he will go it alone.
  • Barbara Corcoran makes an offer of $125,000 for 33% equity. Additionally, she tells them that she can get them into 3,000 stores. She changes her offer to $125,000 in exchange for 40% equity, splitting the deal with Mark Cuban.
  • Robert Herjavec steps out of the deal.

Ice Chips after Shark Tank

The deal with Barbara and Mark fell through after their pitch, but the company grew revenue to six million dollars. The company continues to grow and is available on Amazon.

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