Ok, so there are tons of books and programs on how to get your business funded, but I question how many people have started from scratch, on their own and got their start-up to generate tens of millions of dollars? The answer, well, I don't know of many.

The great news for you is that I have done this and done it more than once, I have got multiple businesses funded and with the same strategy every time. Even better, you should know that I barely made it through high school, yet I have been able to get sophisticated investors to put millions into businesses that I have started and without much difficulty. In fact, the strategy is fairly simple, but it does require diligent preparation to make it happen.

I have done so well, that I often have very sophisticated entrepreneurs and CEO's ask me how I do it. Business school doesn't teach it and in fact, most entrepreneurs and CEO's that have been successful at raising capital don't even realize how they did it. They often think that it was their idea, or their business plan, even the numbers that they put in front of investors.

I have figured out what it is that causes investors to invest in businesses that might not have the strongest business plan, or the best numbers, and what will cause them to avoid investing in businesses that have awesome ideas, great plans and fantastic numbers. It happens all the time.

Entrepreneurs are constantly trying to find where potential investors are hiding, and what they don't know is that the hiding place is right in front of them. Investors are all around entrepreneurs, it's just that they don't reveal themselves unless they are interested in the company that needs the money.

It's time to quit looking for investors and spend time becoming the right entrepreneur to invest in. Once you have that accomplished, investors will find you.

I am going to be releasing my special report on attracting Angel Investors very soon and then following that release will be the introduction of my special Master Mind group that focuses on making your business the right company to do business with.

This is your opportunity to learn from someone that has been in the trenches and knows what you are experiencing first hand. Let me be the person that motivates you to go to the next level and accomplish your goals.