Here's how to make your business boom, almost overnight. Focus on marketing first. That's the best way to move your business forward. When you're passionate about the business, the right people will connect with you to help take it to the next level.

Any business that is struggling can get new life by simply focusing on marketing. The mere act of promoting the business will breathe new life into a stale environment. It will get your employees excited, it will get customers interested and help you find new people with new ideas that might become your best staff ever.

If you're doing your books right now, you need to stop and find someone else to do the books. I don't care if you like doing them, you are wasting your most valuable asset. You're wasting your time doing something that you can easily pay someone else to do. You should be working on your strategy to promote your company and sell your services and products. Anything else is a waste of time.

I remember being told  needed to raise $600,000 or I was out of business. I went to my salespeople and told them I needed to raise $600,000 and said we needed to sell more. They did, I went five months before I raised any money because they did such a great job selling.

I focused myself on marketing the company to my salespeople and it worked. When I had my team pumped up, investors would be interested. They saw a cohesive unit that worked great together. I was able to easily bring in and demonstrate that I had the best people I could find, doing a great job  and that made raising capital extremely easy.

If you are marketing your company to your customers, employees, potential employees, investors and potential employees, you're going to watch your business grow through the roof.

That's how you make your business boom!