If you really want to know how to make money, you have to forget about the dollars and instead focus on what you love to do. You have to first love what you do so much that wealth doesn’t matter because it takes a long time to make the kind of cash that you want to make.

If you aren’t willing to wait, entrepreneurship is not for you. Get a sales job. Salespeople make money now, but entrepreneurs do what they love to do and when they do it well, they get paid well.

Ask any really successful entrepreneur and they will tell you how they worked for free for a really long time before they made any money. You need to plan on as many as three to five years. If you’re willing to make that kind of sacrifice, you’ll have a greater chance of success, but if you’re expecting to make money instantly, you’re bound to fail and not make any money at all.

If you are focusing on what you love to do, you’ll be focusing on what is known as a niche market. Chances are if you love to do it, you’re focused on a specific area of an activity. It might be motorcycle racing or ceramics or any other kind of a hobby.

Let’s say the hobby is ceramics. Most people would say you can’t make a lot of money in ceramics. That’s simply not true. You can make a lot of money if you are selling the right product.

Most people would think they needed a bunch of equipment and a store front to do what they love to do, but you could teach people instead. You don’t need to own the equipment to teach, you simply need to build an information document that teaches people how to start a ceramic shop, or how to make a certain mold.

That is the product that you want to sell because it’s cheap to produce and you don’t need to raise capital to make it. You don’t even need capital to market your product. You can build this product through sweat equity.