Foursquare is the social media application that small business brick and mortar retailers should be using on a daily basis to make money online.

Foursquare works like this, you have an application that is on your mobile phone that allows people to check in wherever they are. They connect with friends who also get to see where user is checking in. They can take a picture of the location and even tweet it out or let Facebook friends know where they are.

Your business gets mentioned, and in a sort of way, gets endorsed every time somebody checks in. How much is that worth?

Now consider that Foursquare offers a business application that allows you to see how often people show up at your store. This helps you to identify who your customers are. If you know who frequents your store, you are now able to connect with them when they come in, find out what they like about your store and what you can do to connect with even more people.

Another feature is the ability to offer a coupon or reward for customers that frequent your business. When they check in, the reward or coupon will be displayed.

You might think that's pretty cool, and it is, but there is even more. The application has a to-do list feature that can be displayed when people check in. Your to-do list might include having the customer say hi for a special offer. That way you get to know your customers better, developing a personal relationship with your customers which is invaluable.

Foursquare offers small business owners so much opportunity, the only reason you wouldn't want to use it is because you don't know about the application.

Now, there is one more feature that Foursquare offers and that's suggested places that can be searched in the application. This is great for people who are looking for something to do, or have a special need and they want to find some place close to take care of their need. It might be dinning out, a bar, a place to get groceries or a mobile phone. Whatever the need, Foursquare is a great app that works with the phone and promotes your business without costing you anything!