How to make B2sB Profitable has Gary Allen, Marty Marion, Sherry Tingley and George Hansen on a featured panel at Affiliate Summit West. The panel starts off by explaining what B2sB marketing is

The definition is marketing business products and services to small businesses. The opportunity his huge as this group spends online 142 billion dollars including computers, checks, marketing services, software spending an average of $5,000 a year with 60% of the purchases being made online. This opportunity presents 17.2 million customers with a budget of 86.1 billion dollars.

Affiliate commissions are projected by forester to be over 4 billion dollars per year within two years. Budgets tighten, merchants are looking to increase affiliate marketing into their mix.

Affiliate marketing is not part of the fixed marketing budget. It offers a low risk pay for performance model. Very competitive compared to other channels. Competition between affiliates creates better sites that produce quality results.

The foot print is small but is just starting to grow and become an important part of the industry. The competition is not that crowded as there are fewer B2B affiliates and bloggers working this marketplace.

It is the perfect time to set up sites which are paying higher average commissions due to larger orders.

Affiliates are able to focus on education for the readers as opposed to the merchants controlling the content about the program of the product.

The Affiliate blueprint for success in B2sB is still being drafted because the market is so young. That gives affiliates wanting to get into this segment a chance to take part in writing the way the flow the business model works.

Because of the youth, merchants are more likely to be receptive to what affiliate marketers have to say as they look to perfect their programs.

This gives you an opportunity to become a leader in the affiliate marketing industries b2sb  business segment.