Before I met my wife, I made a list of everything that a perfect mate had to have. That list had over 30 items and I was not about to compromise. I actually thought that there would be no way I could find a woman that would meet all my requirements, and that would keep me from getting married again!

That tactic didn't quite work out like I had thought, but I got something better! I got everything that I wanted in a partner and more. I had literally planned out what my perfect relationship would be like and got it.

Even though I outlined the perfect person for me, I began a quest to change as well. I became the perfect person for her. Well, not quite! I'm sure that I could lose a few habits and gain some responsibility, but for the most part, I'm there.

What I didn't realize was that as I planned, I was really discovering what I wanted my life to look like. When you know where you're going, it's a hell of a lot easier to get there.

Let's focus on you for a moment. You want to start a business, but you haven't started a plan. How do you know what the perfect business needs to look like, and more importantly, how do you know what skills you will need to become the perfect entrepreneur for your business?

Creating this plan takes considerable time and thought, but it makes you a stronger entrepreneur and a better business owner. You wouldn't drive across the country without mapping out where you're going, why would you start a business without a map?

Before you go too far in your business, take a step back and make a plan, a perfect plan for not only your business but your life as well.