Here's how to get what you want. At first, it's going to seem far off, but as you take each step, you'll realize it's possible to have your dream fulfilled.

Any great leader will tell you that momentum is how to get what you want and that without it, you're not likely to get the result you want. Great leaders also say that a break in the momentum is like starting over, maybe even in the hole.

Never divert resources meant to meet your goal. Doing so, breaks your momentum and your spirit. Let those resources build and if you make a mistake, don't stop, keep going. Adjust if necessary but keep going.

As soon as possible, make a plan, make your plan. That plan should consist of baby steps designed to give you small successes along the way. Each success must bring you closer to your goal, otherwise it's not a success. Don't let diversions count for successes, recognize them for what they are.

A great example of how to get what you want, is a show called Barter Kings. Two guys start with something simple and small, with a big goal of trading up for something more valuable. They take baby steps trading their item for other items of greater value. They use Craigslist to find people to trade with and within a short period, end up with some pretty cool items such as cars, jet-skis, Diamond Rings and other stuff.

Once started, they stay focused on their mission. They keep going, even when they do a bad trade. They don't take their resource elsewhere and they use their heads.

Whatever you set your mind on, if you want to learn how to get what you want, you have to stay focused. Don't let diversions take you away. When you make a mistake, keep going and don't look back. Baby steps are critical to give you small successes and refill your energy.