Entrepreneurs do have a source to find up to $25,000.00 with Prosper.com. The company brings buyers and lenders together to create micro-loans for everything from debt consolidation to business loans that are personally guaranteed by the principals of the business.

You’ll start out by creating a profile telling why you need the money and include a picture with the profile. Make sure you are detailed including a break down to where the money is going and how you are able to pay it back.

Prosper will pull a credit report and score your profile so lenders can make informed decisions. They are going to consider risk and then bid at a certain interest rate for your loan.

Your loan may be funded by hundreds of bidders putting in as little as $50 to as much as they wish to invest. Your loan is offered through auction and has a time limit to reach full funding.

The good news is once it reaches full funding; your interest rate begins to go down, because lenders who offer a lower interest are able to bump other lenders off the loan.

You should be aware that Prosper does report to the credit bureaus and has multiple collection agencies to pursue borrowers who fail to complete their obligation.

If you want to learn more about prosper just check out their website at http://www.prosper.com.

Just a note: I have no financial interest or otherwise in Prosper.com. Make sure you investigate any financial transaction completely and consult professional advice before entering into a contract with anyone.