Enthusiasm is something that is often caught through others, but is best when brought out from within side of you. Enthusiasm is a state of mind that is reached in two primary ways, the first being doing what you love to do. The second is developing a strong focus on a definite chief aim.

While many of us have the pleasure to do what we love to do, many of us aren't able to because of other issues such as financial restraints. There is another option to get more enthusiasm, and that's through developing a strong focus on a definite chief aim.

This is done by focusing on a result that you wish to achieve. Plan big putting your aim on completing what stands in your way of doing what you love to do. With each step, your enthusiasm will grow.

Even if you're surrounded by the most pessimistic people, you are able to get more enthusiasm. Just look at Chris Gardner, the poster boy of finding enthusiasm while he was stuck living in homeless shelters and a subway restroom with his son.

If you haven't seen the movie, go rent “The Pursuit of Happyness” and you'll see how he was able to get more enthusiasm. The story is real.

No matter what your situation, you have the power to get more enthusiasm when you're focused on a definite chief aim, just like Chris did.

Every time I find success in my life, it's because I was able to read inside of myself and let my enthusiasm drive me to places I never thought possible.

NO matter what find your definite chief aim, focus on it and watch your enthusiasm explode from inside of you.