Practically every kid is diagnosed with ADD or Attention Deficit Disorder at some time or another in school. Then there is me, diagnosed as an adult very clearly as ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

While I would have rather not been diagnosed ADHD a huge advantage is learning how to make adjustments to work with others, that includes learning how to be focused on what makes you more productive

A key factor to being focused is being comfortable and content with what you are doing. If for any reason, I am unable to get focused, I will be quick to step back and do something that relaxes me. Anything I can do to change the momentum is critical, such as sitting in the spa tub, getting on the elliptical and working out, taking a quick nap or even going out and mowing the lawn. Whatever it is, when you aren't focused, you have to change gears and then come back after you are able to get your head clear.

Of course, the solution offered above is in the moment, but what if your entire life is out of focus?

When I am totally off track, a great way to get turned around is to simplify life in every way. Clean your desk out, get rid of the junk in the storage room, or in the garage, get the data on your computer hard drive organized, or simply clean your email inbox and then put a plan together showing what is important to you and what is distracting you from doing what is important to you.

You'll be surprised how fast you learn how to get focused on what is important to you…