Want to get focused? Do you need to get momentum in your favor? The next time you find yourself fatigued, focus on a task with no dependencies and get it out of the way now! You’re going to get a burst of energy at the end of the task.

When you complete a task with no dependencies, you have moved one step closer towards fulfilling your goal, but more importantly you just did something that is measurable. Fatigue is strongest when were focused on doing tasks that never seem to end. They always have a dependency on something else and tax our brains.

Just today, I felt like I was dragging. I sat down and wrote my post, I stayed focused on the steps that go into writing a good post and quickly completed a solid idea. I rewarded myself by going up and lying down, but because I completed a task with no dependencies, I ended up with a burst of sudden energy. I no longer had the fatigue, and now I had momentum.

I knew I had to take advantage of this so instead of doing nothing, I picked a task that was something that I didn’t necessarily want to do and got that out of the way!  At this point I’m on a roll and did another task that I enjoyed doing.

This was an extremely productive day. I did things I didn’t like to do, and felt great getting them out of the way, I did things I love to do and not only got them done, I spent extra time doing more of it!

The idea that I’ve managed to put myself on a wave to getting things done with minimal effort is huge. I’m going to use this time to ride the momentum that I’ve built up and accomplish as many tasks and goals that I can.

It’s my day, my turn to be successful. I’ve got the focus and momentum on my side!