Did you know that there are three primary ways people search online? I didn't even think about it before, but it probably would have been great knowledge to have as I'm building websites. Now I Know what they are and I can modify how I build my sites accordingly.

I'm sure that some people just naturally pick up on the concept without really knowing it, but that wasn't working for me. I discovered this information in the book, “The Art of SEO” and found it very interesting.

The three types of searches include:

Navigational Queries – The reader knows what they are looking for but needs to find the URL (Uniform Resource Locator or the http:// address that goes in the toolbar)
Informational Queries – Looking for updates on things like weather, news or even Hollywood gossip
Transactional Queries – their aiming to make a specific purchase or take a specific action such as sign up for something.

Each one has specific resources and data that will help you to make decisions about which type of search you wish to pursue. This can save you substantial money, especially when using pay per click marketing.

While there are many sources for learning about SEO, I don't think any of them go into the detail of explanation and strategy that this book does. If you're serious about doing a great job with Search Engine Optimization, this book is a must. Even if you don't know anything about online marketing, you will after reading this book.

I'll be writing more about what I learn in the book, and hopefully you'll want to learn more by picking up your own copy.