Every opportunity comes with a required investment to make it work. It’s either time or time and money that we have to put in to our businesses. Quite a few people have some money and think that they simply put it up and it will automatically work for them only to lose that money because they didn’t put the time into properly working it.

On the other hand, there are many entrepreneurs who have started businesses with no money and built empires, as they were willing to do whatever it takes to get their business launched. They’re creative people and will come up with unique strategies to create cash flow, rather than relying on investment dollars.

These entrepreneurs are more likely to succeed due to their ability to handle enormous pain from not having sufficient funding, but a burning desire that keeps them hard at work to massage a plan to make sales without investment. These entrepreneurs are the rare people that ultimately end up making a huge return as they make all the decisions for their organization.

The greatest successes have often come from people who had nothing, or had something and lost it, while ultimately being forced to build something to get the security back that they once knew. It always returns larger than before and with a priceless education that you couldn’t buy anywhere.

I see online marketers who buy traffic and make money sometimes, break even others, but refuse to take the time to grow their business organically, where they have a sustainable and scalable business. After all, there are only so many advertisements you can buy, and finding the right combination will take almost as much effort as it would to build an organically grown business.

So, if you’re one of the people that don’t have money to invest into an opportunity, don’t worry. You can create your own opportunity almost as fast as if you had a mountain of money and you can do it with far less risk than the guy who’s willing to throw the dough around. You simply need to start and make it happen!