Over the years, Main Street USA has been crushed by WalMart coming to town. The giant leaves storefronts empty destroying hard working entrepreneur’s lives and leaving landlords without tenants.

The entrepreneur who has faced many struggles to launch and grow the business will fight, often getting the community behind him initially, but never before has he dealt with such a beast of an opponent who easily crushes his spirit. Yet, he fails to realize the beast may provide a great opportunity if he is willing to embrace it.

What that beast does is takes him out of his comfort zone and should he look to broaden his horizons much the same as the beast does, he may create a business that has significantly more opportunity than what Main Street has to offer him.

That opportunity is broadening his horizons past his store front in Small Town USA, opening up his marketplace to the world, and more importantly to all customers that buy online right in his own community!

What if, in Small Town USA, you decided to keep the charm of your rural store, but open the marketplace to the whole world to see? What if you were able to suddenly put yourself at top of the line in Google and others with local searches letting the customers know you have the products and services that they are looking for?

Marketing online is more than just a brochure for the local stores, it is a total marketing strategy that when done properly has the potential to produce the best results you have ever experienced.

This is your chance to level the playing field with Goliath’s like WalMart and get the business that you deserve build on service and reputation. The answer is simple, but it requires that small shop owners wake up and realize the opportunities that you are missing out.

The greatest opportunity in online marketing is in your back yard and you don’t even realize it!