I am convinced that just about anybody can learn to craft very effective blog posts. It doesn’t matter what your ability to write is, many bloggers are absolutely horrible writers and people still read what they write. You don’t have to spell perfectly, it helps, but not necessary.  Still, you can have a successful blog.

First, you need to know more about your topic then your readers. That means that you need to write as simple as you can. Make it so someone who knows absolutely nothing about your subject gets what you’re talking about.

Simplicity allows readers to easily connect the dots. If they comprehend your thought, you’ll have a greater chance that they will return to read more, and maybe even sign up for your newsletter, which then gives you real value.

Second, I barely made it through high school; I dropped out my junior year and returned to finish my senior year. I’m not proud of this, but if I can do this, anyone can do this. I’m constantly learning to make up for what I didn’t get in high school and college. Still, I’m amazed when people tell me that they never use what they learned in college in their real job. That should say something.

There are several ways you can learn about building your own website and blog. Here are some of the tools and resources that I use to learn from:

Read blogs by John Chow, CopyBloger, Chris Brogan and ProBlogger

Attend Meetups such as Affiliate Summit and niche specific events for research

Setup your own blog first and use it to learn from.  You can accomplish this with some easy steps

1)      Register a domain name – Keep your name as simple as possible. In the past, it was wise to get a keyword or keywords in your domain. That is no longer as important as it used to be. Go for a short and easy to remember name instead.

2)      Setup webhosting space – you can get free webhosting, but I would advise to get performance web hosting instead. It’s a small price to pay to be trouble free. Check out Rochen Performance Hosting. It’s what I use for my blogs.

3)      Once you have your webhosting setup, let me know and I’ll help you install WordPress. It’s the best and most popular website/blog platform available.

4)      Great SEO is easy when you use the right template theme package. Genesis is simply the best theme package I’ve found. It features over 35 unique template designs and the learning curve is fairly easy. It will make your blog look great!

5)      If you’re building a blog to make money, it’s all about developing your list of followers. I use aWeber for my newsletter and list building tool. It’s cost affective, the first month is less than a dollar and you can’t go wrong.

Now that you have the information you need to setup a blog and put your first post in, remember, the key to success is to learn from others and more importantly just get going. Set your blog up today!

Watch for more tutorials on creating a successful online business with or without an offline business.

Use these but don’t spend too much time studying, you might not ever start. Divide up your time, learn some from others, but spend most of your time learning by doing. That’s the best way and you’ll get the skills that you need.