Who doesn’t struggle with staying focused?  Even the greatest strategists will get off track and have to find ways to come back to home. Bloggers find it incredibly hard to keep focused, even to have ideas to write about. Entrepreneurs have to work at it to keep them focused and even more importantly their team on track. There are just too many shiny objects coming at us from all directions.

Simplification is a strategy that many people use to stay focused. It’s something that I’m doing, and I thought I was doing the opposite. This blog has many subjects and is too broad so I’m segmenting each subject into other blogs that are narrowly focused. This strategy allows me to stay on topic and go deeper into the ideas that support each subject.

Originally, I thought that creating separate blogs may put too much work on my plate. That’s not the case. I’ve made it easier to write about each subject. I’m accomplishing more on each subject that’s important to me.

Narrowing the focus on each subject opens up new opportunities that aren’t available when I cover all subjects under my personal blog.  I’m now able to make the subject less about me and more specifically about the topic itself. That makes the blog marketable and should I wish, I can now offer the property for sale, not that this is my intention.

The idea of narrowing focus on each subject will prove to provide better content for each and should help to grow readership. No longer do readers have to go through subjects that they might not care about and they can get right to the meat of the subject of interest.

Amazingly, this strategy will help my personal blog come back to the place where I started. Focusing on what’s important to me and not details on a certain subject. I’m not going to get rid of the older posts, but I will be going through and updating them with links to sites that fit the topic at hand.

I hope you enjoy this strategy as much as I’m enjoying implementing it.