Like many of my readers, I wondered how to get people to read my blog when I first started out.  What I found out is it's not rocket science and you're going to find that out too.

If you want to know how I get people to read my blog, it's pretty simple. I write consistent content that is unique and aimed at my specific target audience, you! I post daily, frequently multiple times a day. I want to provide new content each time you come to this site.

When I first started asking how to get people to read my blog, I kept searching, like you probably are, for short cuts that will give me an audience the fastest way possible.  Unfortunately, like many people do, I spent several months, make that a few years messing around and not focusing on the one solid strategy that works.

I found the answer on how to get people to read my blog by default. Even though the people who know what they're doing kept telling me, I had to learn on my own. Welcome to the world of Entrepreneurs. If I had just started writing consistently from the start on a daily basis I could have shaved years off and would be way ahead of where I'm at today.

I found that all the quick fix strategies to get people to read my blog were worthless because I didn't have the base content and I wasn't writing consistently. Had I been doing this the whole time, I would have an even bigger audience right now. In fact, it's this very reason that most want-to-be bloggers fail before establishing an audience.

Fortunately for me, I'm a seasoned Serial Entrepreneur that knows the business of blogging is no different than any other business. You have to learn what your customers want, and your audience is your customer. If you can deliver your message, blogging is a great opportunity to build a huge business with minimal expense.

Very little money is needed to become a blogger. You can pretty much self-fund your business and that means you don't have to get permission from anyone else on how you run your business. That's freedom.

If can figure out how to get people to read my blog you can too. After all, I'm not a great writer. My spelling is not that good, but people still read for the message I'm delivering.

It's not that hard to start your own blog. Take three steps to set-up your own blog. 1) Register a domain name, 2) Setup a hosting account and 3) Get a great WordPress Template.

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