Seriously, how great is that when you can help while honing your professional skills? My partners and I have done just that! We spent the weekend helping people prepare for an impending flood.

We drove down streets with sandbags loaded onto a borrowed truck, helping people to secure their homes. We're able to help many who had no resources and nowhere to turn to protect their valuables.

We used live video, and social media to identify residence in our community who need help and get the job done in minutes after posting. We show people rallying around each other, working diligently to protect each other, and even people we've never met.

Our Message Resonated Well

Our message resonated so well, it ended up on news stations across the country, as far away as Houston Texas.

And while we are benefiting from the exposure, the greatest gift is having people thank us, nearly tearing up because somebody cared to stop and make sure they are all right before being struck by a flood.

My partners and I are making it our mission to find people who need help, and to bring awareness as well as support to their needs. We want to look for lesser known opportunities to help out those in need, using our resources to make their lives better.

Our ability to use our business tools to help others is an incredible gift allowing us to help numerous people, while we build our business. It doesn't get any better than that!

We have great chemistry amongst our team, and we're spreading our vibes to as many people as possible because we want everyone to have what we have.

In the end, we're blessed to walk away with lots of love from people we've just met, and some we never met. We've seen the power of our craft work for us in what is probably the most intense weekend of my life.

And now, we will translate what we've learned into something even bigger and better, not just for us, but for our families, friends, and community. Thank you to all who helped my partners and me make a difference.

How great is that?