I've read all different kinds of suggestions on how often you should post on your blog. The rule varies from as often as you can come up with quality content to once a week or even less as long as you're consistent.

Some people say that you shouldn't post every day—they think it's too much information coming at the reader. They don't want to be intrusive or offend the reader. I can't say that I understand that logic, other than what I think they're really saying is that they don't want to be that successful—A little success is just right….

I liken it to people who won't email their list more than every so often, such as once a month or even every couple of weeks. Do you really think you'll lose more people from emailing them regularly or from ignoring the list for weeks and then popping an email on them?

I've never had a spam complaint when I've emailed my list every day, but I've had spam complaints when I mailed infrequently to a list they signed up for—Go figure!

If you're readers discontinue because you're giving them too much content, then you know that they aren't that into what you have to say—save your breath and resources for someone who is interested.

John Chow is the perfect example of a frequent blog poster. His posts happen several times a day, so you know when you go to his blog, you're going to see fresh new content. That's most likely why he's the celebrity blogger he is. He knows how to attract and retain his audience.

That's why I've been posting several times a day as well. I want to engage you, the reader. If I've got a thought worth saying—if it's not in the blog… It ought to be, and I'll get it there.

I say, post as often as you have something worthwhile to write. You never know what will resonate with your readers leaving them wanting more.