Affiliate programs can be the number one resource for small business entrepreneurs to find profit, if they learn how to leverage the opportunity. After all, it’s not just for companies like Zappos, and

Entrepreneurs are often the first to pay attention to new marketing strategies and after being around for over ten years, Affiliate Marketing isn’t so new, but being in its teens means that it has quite a bit of maturing left yet.

What does that mean for you? If you’re not thinking opportunity, you shouldn’t be doing what you are doing. This is explosive and literally could change your business overnight!

Affiliate programs are very cost affective when properly operated. Most of the cost associated with running one of these programs is considered variable expense and tacked on to actual sales transactions.

That means that you’re expenses won’t grow unless you’re doing the business to justify the expense! How many advertising opportunities are tied to performance based payment? Not many. In fact, there are few campaigns that you can even associate a sale with.

Affiliate Marketing Programs work like this:

  • Advertiser connects with an Affiliate Management Company (You can do it on your own but you won’t get the traction that you would with a reputable management company)
  • Advertiser with help from Affiliate Management Company creates offers that can be delivered through display advertising (banners), text links (in content), newsletter pitches, social media links and even coupon codes.
  • Advertiser establishes Commissions to be paid to publishers when a sale or lead is completed.
  • Publisher (bloggers, webmasters, social media guru’s and list builders) market advertisers products and services for sale
  • Customer gets advertisers product, publisher gets a commission and advertiser makes profit on sales.

Anyone that offers anything for exchange of money stands to benefit from using Affiliate Marketing Programs. This is like creating a massive sales force without having to hire and manage employees. It doesn’t matter if you are a one man shop, or if you have a large firm. Everyone can benefit.

Many bloggers are creating their own products and services with the sole intention of selling their product or service through Affiliate Marketing Programs. The competitor bloggers actually embrace each other and work together to market material produced by other bloggers. They build their list and earn money doing it! What could be better?

This has got to be the easiest way to scale a business for fast growth, without the normal costs associated with growing companies. Check out Affiliate Management Companies today!