Great news, I've launched a highly successful blog in a niche market that has a huge audience. Even better, that blog is now recognized as an authority, maybe even thee authority on the subject by experts in the niche. We're talking huge, like as on par with the top bloggers in the industry.

The new blog took off so fast that I put all of my attention on that blog, and diverted my attention from my personal blog for a short period. Sorry about that, but now I'm coming back to write about my success with that blog. I'm giving you the ingredients that I put into that blog right here.

The strategy that I'm using in the new blog is fairly simple. I've built a solid foundation using the same tools the top bloggers use, I've compensated for my weaknesses by inviting a fellow blogger in to form a joint venture (he's a great writer) and we've worked hard to build out great content that covers what our target audience is looking for.

What's most amazing is that the site launched less than three months ago, got over 50,000 page views in the second month and is on track to blowing the doors off that in just the third month.

The strategy that I've used started with having the right foundation with tools that worked together. I'm using the magazine blog template from Studio Press on top of their Genesis Framework. I use an SEO tool called ScribeSEO to optimize my articles and have a method to the site structure that works.

I'm willing to share with you the tools that I use on this site, in fact, I'm going to do a series on exactly what I'm doing that's blowing the doors off (supposedly) competitive blogs. If the authors of those blogs were smart, they would start reading this blog and learning what they need to know to get their blogs up to par. I'm not worried though, most people don't do what they need to do!

So, there you have it, I gave you some tools to start with, of course you need a great hosting company and WordPress installed.  I'm using several different hosting companies, for various blogs that seem to do well. I'll write more about the host in a future blog post.