Guzzle Buddy screws into the top of your wine bottle. Leave the Glass in the freezer, and you have a cold beverage. Beer drinkers asked about a Beer Glass, which is now also in production. Guzzle Buddy's creators, Brother, Randy Rothfus, and Sister-in-law, Jennifer Sullivan go on Shark Tank pitch their creation.

Randy(a retired dentist from Oregon) and Jennifer watched a sitcom back in 2015, noticing that someone had a wine glass attached to a wine bottle. They had to have it, so they started searching online but could not find it anywhere. They decided to contact a Chinese manufacturer and ended up having Guzzle Buddy designed.

Plug it, and chug it – Guzzle Buddy Slogan

The Guzzle Buddy slogan is Plug it, and Chug it! Does this make Guzzle Buddy the perfect product for the person who indulges in adult beverages?

Season: 9 Episode 917
First Run: 2018/1/21
Shark: Kevin O'Leary Robert Herjavec, Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Daymond John
Company: Guzzle Buddy
Entrepreneurs: Randy Rothfus and Jennifer Sullivan
Ask: $400k for 10% equity
Deal: Daymond John $400,000 for 20%

Guzzle Buddy hit Amazon in October of 2016. Someone took all their pictures and created a viral video which got them appearances on Ellen and Live with Kelly Rippa. The company ended up selling 62,000 glasses and grossing 1.5 million dollars in 2016.

That's when Beer Drinkers started asking for the same design only in a beer glass, and they put it into production. They are in development of an unbreakable plastic version of the product as I write this post and will have them available soon.

Randy and Jennifer have videos out promoting their Shark Tank appearance, without giving a clue as to what the outcome will be for this product.

Kevin O'Leary probably would not like this as this diminishes the social status of drinking wine. There are those who just enjoy their wine, and they want to get it direct from the bottle!

Another feature of the Guzzle Buddy is the ability to pour the wine back into a bottle without the spill! Just put it on the wine bottle, and dump your glass of wine into the wine glass to make it go back in the bottle.

Shark Tank contacted them, according to the Guzzle Buddy creators, causing them to go through the entire vetting process and are now being featured on Shark Tank Season 9 Episode 917 on Sunday, January 21st, 2018.