Serial Entrepreneurs know what its like to work with graphic designers. It's hard to get your request completed on time and the way you want it. Not only is it difficult to get the work turned around, having a firm do it is expensive.

Recently, a friend of mine got a quote to have a website built, at over $25,000 plus a high monthly maintenance fee. He told me what he was doing, and I suggested that he needed to have more control over his site, instead of letting someone else do a website that amounted to a really expensive brochure.

He agreed, but he still didn't have a site that fit his needs. I helped him put the mechanics of his site together, but he still needed the look he wanted. That's where 99designs came in.

I suggested he go to 99designs to have the look done. He's able to get the site done for a sliver of what it would cost at the design firm and he's now going to have a site that works for him.

He decided to give them a shot to do a brochure first. The brochure is for a trade conference his company is attendingĀ and he needed it done fast.

He submitted his specifications on the 99designs site, along with what he was willing to pay for the design. He's amazed at the results.

In just a few days, he got the exactly what he wanted. The many designers working through 99designs gave him plenty of options to pick from. He's amazed with how many designers responded and how great the work is.

My friend had the designers merge ideas and come back with the changes, giving him the exact design he wanted, when he wanted it, actually before. He got it done at a fraction of the cost his normal designer would have charged him and the process is easier.

I know he's using 99designs for all of his graphics needs, given the look on his face when I asked him what he thought.

Thanks 99designs for making me look good!