Government and educational Institutions are always looking to recruit their ideal entrepreneurs into their community. They think that by searching outside the community, they’ll encourage growth in business, increased residency and quality jobs. This is only temporary, if it works. It costs tax payers an incredible amount of money and ultimately, these entrepreneurs that may enter the community are more likely to leave for a better deal.

I just read a post on Technorati discussing Purdue University’s strategy of opening an office in San Jose. They are targeting Purdue graduates that have moved to San Joes in search of better jobs and opportunities. While this may work out to bring some people home, I say it’s better to pay attention to the people that haven’t left yet, and have never left.

Government and College almost always look past the non-college educated community as a source of entrepreneurship. For some reason, through all their studies, these people fail to realize that a large portion, if not a dominate portion of entrepreneurs are not college educated.

Many, like me, barely made it through high school. Consider that I’ve started several companies that have created hundreds of jobs inside the community and produced hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. My startups may even be responsible for revenues exceeding a billion dollars.

Government and Extended Education could do wonders for the community if they would do more to focus on who real entrepreneurs are and reach into the community. Help educate these people with what they need to know when they are getting their business launched.

If the community would offer educational courses designed to help entrepreneurs with basic business skills, many would stand a greater chance of success. That can only be good for the community.

There are so many things that I don’t know, that formal education could help with. Even after all I have accomplished. The community and the school system could do wonders to help me be a better entrepreneur, but they are too busy looking outside for their road to success.

The solution is often right in front of us, yet we all choose to ignore it while we look for something better.