Goldfinch Cyclery lived up to the hype and repaired my bicycle tire on the spot, while I waited. And the cost was unbelievably low!

Better yet, the guys at Goldfinch Cyclery love what they are doing, as they all stayed late happily working on customer bicycles.

You have to love the dedication, and their location is perfect for the bikers who are hitting the trails running through Cedar Rapids.

I wrote about them in a previous post, “The Modern Day Biker Bar“, but felt it more appropriate to give them a headline post in my blog, saying cheers to the excellent customer service.

Goldfinch Cyclery Sells Bicycles

The shop also sells bicycles, and will build them to specification. They have models in stock and available, which look way more expensive than the price tag shown on each model, and many of them in the three to five hundred dollar range.

I give Goldfinch Cyclery five stars on excellent customer service and fast service. Visit their website here, or stop by their store at 1120 2nd St SE in the Cedar Rapids NewBo district. Call them at 319.775.0203.