Rusty Allen was spending more on a gallon of water, than a gallon of gas he put in his car. He created Gobie H20, to address this problem. He makes his pitch in Shark Tank Season 4.

Rusty retails the Gobie H20 for $30, and the cost is $10 and includes the first filter. Sales for Gobie H2O is $285,000 over seventeen months. He has only been selling the blue bottle, but the retailers wanted him to do more colors.

Gobie H20 Episode Statistics

Company: Gobie H20
Entrepreneurs: Rusty Allen
Ask: $,000 for % equity
Companies in this episode: Liddup, Echo Valley Meets, Colin Grussing, Gobie H20, Update: The Coop
Season 4 Episode 421 
Sharks: Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Kevin O'Leary, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec
First Aired: 04/04/2013
Deal: Daymond John $300,000 for 40% equity with the contingency of getting it into a big box retailer.

What do the Shark Tank Investors say about Gobie H20?

Mark Cuban clarifies his problem. He has cool looking bottles. He is not focused on the looks and style, and by the way, we have a solution. Mark Cuban is out because Rusty is selling the wrong thing.

Daymond John is quietly rooting for Rusty, but the other Sharks are bringing up valid points. The company has no debt, and Rusty has a ton of passion for his business. Daymond offers $300,000 for 40% equity with the contingency that they get it into a big box retail store.

Kevin O'Leary wants to know why he thinks that he is worth $3 million. Rusty said that everyone drinks water, but he did not do that, Kevin is out.

Lori Greiner believes that the reason he is not in the big box retailers because there are already so many others available. She sees tons of competition so, she is out.

Robert Herjavec doesn't think he understands the business you are in, and he is going to get crushed. He is out.

Gobie H20 after Shark Tank

GobieH20 store is no longer online, the bottle is no longer available on Amazon, and the last post on Facebook dates back to 2016.