Mom turned entrepreneur, Krista Woods created a company called Glovestix. If you stink, it's not her fault! She pitches Shark Tank investors in Season 9 Episode 9. The product is a nunchuck style set of sticks that go in gloves, and shoes.

Glovestix takes the stink out shoes – Shark Tank

Glovestix and Shoestix feature a plastic coating containing Silver Ion's on that will inhibit 99% of all odor bacteria growth within 24 hours. The inserts placed inside the tubes absorb moisture and deodorize smells in all kinds of sports gear.

Sales for the past year and a half are five-hundred-six thousand dollars and four hundred thousand dollars in the past year. She is selling her products through her website and on Amazon. She also appears on QVC, saying she stalked Lori Greiner in the lunchroom before.

She isn't just a one-time sale. Her main product, Glovestix, sells for $29.99 and refills are $7.99 Glovestix - Shark Tankavailable on subscription. Krista received the patent for Glovestix, just four days before making her Shark Tank pitch.

Company: Glovestix
Entrepreneur: Krista Woods
Website: Company Website
Ask: $150,000 for 10% equity
Episode: Season 9 Episode 909
Sharks: Alex Rodriguez, Barbara Corcoran, Kevin O'Leary, Lori Greiner, Mark Cuban
Deal: Lori Greiner and Alex Rodriguez $150,000 for 17.5%

Kevin O'Leary talks about his shoe collection having Cedar Wood form inserts that he uses in his shoes that absorbs and kills bacteria. Krista points out that his thinking is incorrect, that Cedar does not kill bacteria. Her product will kill the bacteria and the odor.

What the Shark Tank Investors say about Glovestix

Kevin O'Leary said he would never agree with her on her evaluation, so he is out.
Alex Rodriguez said she struck every cord in his body. He wants to know how she is going to scale this business. At some point, you have to be able to delegate.
Barbara Corcoran says she has the utmost respect for her, and she has a lot more interest in her than the product, so she is out.
Lori Greiner points out she had to do it all on her own when first starting out. She likes that about Krista. Lori doesn't know a lot about sports, so Lori taps into Alex Rodriguez asking if he will go in on the deal with her. If so, she would do $150,000 for 20%.
Mark Cuban asks why hasn't she hired someone to help you? What she has accomplished is impressive. Perfection is the enemy of profitability. He thinks she is going to have a hard time letting go, and so he is out.

Krista Woods pushes back saying she did not want to go over 15% equity, but Alex pushes back saying we will split it with you. 17.5% and she makes a deal with Alex Rodriguez and Lori Greiner.