Glenn Beck is launching GBTV, a new online network that programs streaming content and more. Is this a smart move for Beck? He’s done extremely well so far, and seems to be on the forefront of what’s to come.

Still, there are many people on both sides of the aisle that don’t believe that Glenn Beck has a message that people should be listening to. Will the attacks on him coming through main stream media and others be able to hinder his next move?

Beck doesn’t start broadcasting his show until September 12, 2011, however he has an introductory video showing now that explains what he’s doing and why he’s doing it.

Like him or not, Glenn Beck is a true entrepreneur and faces his fears willingly, moving forward to do what he’s passionate about and what he loves to do. He practices what he preaches and that is to be commended.

What’s most surprising about his new venture is where it is located. When Beck announced that he would be leaving Fox News I thought for sure he would be headed out of New York City and the taxes that have burdened many businesses, but he didn’t do that. He’s staying in New York City and has spent a significant investment in building new studios and business in the city.

While Beck has been highly controversial among the political world, I suspect that this new venture will take him in a direction that will completely throw off the critics.

His staff has come from some extremely interesting places like the Huffington Post. It’s as though he’s totally subscribed to hiring people from opposing viewpoints. It makes his presence stronger, he knows what the outside world is saying about him and he hits them head on.

I remember listening to Beck for the first time, I know where I was and I thought this guy is absolutely crazy. He was predicting the meltdown that would happen in late 2008. That was in 2006.

The impact on my life was overwhelming and it caused me to listen to Beck, primarily his TV show, I found him to be very accurate. Still, Beck rubbed me the wrong way, I found his sarcasm to be more than I could handle.

His new business will be quite interesting to watch, I’m hopeful that this will lead to a change in the way he presents his content, not that I found him inaccurate, but in the way he presents it. I also hope that he will be able to bring more opposing views to the show. That is if those that oppose his views will be willing to face him.

Congratulations Beck, I admire your tenacity and vision to create a totally new business model and follow your dreams.

Like him or not, he is an entrepreneur.