Getting Organized does more than help you get things done, you end up changing your life. You evaluate the value of everything and everyone who is a part of your life.

Getting Organized Results in Life-Changing Decisions

I'm amazed at how much the organizational process is impacting my life decisions in just a short period. You see how you are spending your time and realize when you are repeating the same cycle while going nowhere fast.

Getting Organized makes you more aware of where you are

Building your list can increase stress, and you may even experience pain in the process. You'll face reality knowing what you can accomplish and what won't help you move forward.

You find power in tackling your list which conquers the initial increased stress and ultimately reduces stress by removing challenges in your life. Accomplishment builds on your self-esteem as you change your direction.

The most significant impact often comes when you address the little stuff stuck in your head. You clear your head allowing you to make room for the more critical challenges that are in front of you.

Understanding Hierarchy – Getting Organized

Another significant impact happens when you start to structure your lists. Understanding the hierarchy helps you to work through your tasks faster, focusing on the next step rather than the entire project or objective.

You will analyze the process and get things done now instead of endlessly rehashing how you are going to accomplish your goals in your head. You quit focusing on everything you could do and start doing what you can achieve.

Free Yourself from Burden – Getting Organized

We all have a lot on our plate that can stress us out. Using a program like Things is perfect to help guide us in our personal and professional life. We can measure the value of everything from the tasks we have in front of us, to our relationships and more.

The process is a way to free yourself from the daily burdens and focus on a more rewarding life. And, who doesn't want a more fulfilling life?

NOTE: I am focusing on using Things on my MacBook as my preferred tool for getting organized. The company is not currently(as of the date of this post) compensating me for recommending their product.