Getting your posts indexed is the ultimate strategy for any small business entrepreneur. Unfortunately the goal of practically every Search Engine Optimization expert is not to make you money, but to make money from you. That’s why these people are not your best friend and you need to think strongly about your strategy.

The only real way I’ve found to achieve success, is developing long lasting traffic building out original content in my blog. Sure, I’m using tools that help optimize my content, but I still have to produce posts that people are interested in.

The first goal is to get enough content regularly published for Google and other search engines to become interested in what you have to say. I believe that the ideal number is 250 posts, at least that’s what I worked towards and that’s when my blog really started to hit.

Now, I regularly get my pages indexed in lightning fast speed. I believe that this is a combination of the type of content that I produce, the fact that I have well over 250 posts, I update every day and use the tools that make my blog posts better.

I used to build my sites in Joomla, but transferred to WordPress after learning how much easier and more reliable my blogs and websites are. When I made the transfer, I needed to find the best template I felt I could find. I looked at all the top blogs to see what they were using.

The vast majority of like-minded bloggers were using the Genesis Themes to build their sites. I quickly discovered that this product worked perfectly and since then, I build everything using this platform.

As I read blogs of those I admire, I also began to recognize that many were using ScribeSEO to help with producing a more Search Engine Friendly page. I thought I would try it out even though I was somewhat concerned with using a tool for SEO. I’ve always preferred to write for the reader instead of the Search Engine.

I quickly discovered that the pages done with ScribeSEO read better than the page without. This is huge considering that my grammar is not that great as noted by some critical readers of my blog. The fact that I am able to gain improvements in my writing as well as the added benefit of optimization is a winner for me and my readers.

Sure, you want to build traffic fast, but it simply doesn’t work. Taking the time to methodically build your business creates a residual opportunity that the fly-by-night guys just can’t offer you.

Every day I see my traffic increasing and the return visitor count building. My subscription rate is increasing as well.

I started out as a horrendous writer and now, I’m not that great, but I have a strong message that connects with my readers.  The time I spend writing is well worth it as I continue to improve causing more readers to subscribe and keep coming back.

This is a low cost investment in dollars and well worth the sweat equity you’ll put into your business.  Even if you’re a local business, you can dominate the competition by having strong content on your site and in your message.

Why not get started right now, write a post a day and step it up as you get better. Before you know it, you’ll have the hottest blog in your area and be cashing in on your success!