Are we focusing on getting the right things done or are we spending time getting anything done?  Some of us are getting the right things done at work, but not at home and vice versa.

Get the right things done –  What We Want

Getting the right things done means letting go of the idea of getting everything done we want to do. Yes, we cannot do everything that we want. We have to focus on what's most important. We have to let go of the things that are not so important. Trying to do everything is merely maddening.

Most of us who are not focused on getting the right things done end up getting nothing done. Everything is in progress, or if accomplished, turns out meaningless.

There are two major issues people have when they are trying to get things done. 1) They focus on the big picture skipping a bunch of steps along the way, and 2) They are so focused on random steps that they fail to roll up each task and step into anything concrete.

It's like riding a roller coaster indefinitely. You keep on going up and down, around bends and turns, passing the place you started from over and over, and never accomplishing anything.

Don't be that person. Define your process so by determining what you want your outcome to look like. Select benchmarks as objectives to reach as you step towards the outcome you desire. Create individual tasks that you can check off as you complete each one to ultimately achieve your objective.

The Right Things Done Personally & Professionally

Determine what projects you would like to accomplish, paying attention to both your professional and personal life. List them out, and assign a priority to them using a number.

Now, start with the most important and determine your objectives that are required to accomplish the project. Can you reasonably do this project? Do you have the resources and time?

You may need to table a project and focus on others that you are able to accomplish. Create tasks for each objective once you have determined the projects that you can reasonably complete. Your tasks need to be broken down into single steps that are easily accomplished in one sitting.

The process is going to take considerable time but will help you to accomplish your goals and create satisfactory results for you.